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Bike Snus respectively Nicotine Pouches have their origins in Scandinavia and are completely tobacco-free - offering not only an innovative alternative to cigarettes, but also to other tobacco products that can be consumed smoke-free, such as traditional snuff or chewing tobacco.

The tobacco-free nicotine pouches are impressive in terms of their wide range of flavors, nicotine content and choice of pouch formats. The manufacturer also attaches great importance to quality; the white Snus - consisting of water, plant-based materials, flavors, sweeteners and nicotine - promises a top-class nicotine experience.

Is Velo Snus?

In contrast to conventional Snuswhich contain tobacco in their original form, Velo Snus is a tobacco-free variant. Manufactured by British American Tobacco (BAT), Velo is a tobacco-free variant. Nicotine Pouches thus offer a alternative to smokingwithout containing carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), which are typical of smokeless tobacco products.

Because the Pouches are tobacco-free, they also have a further advantage over traditional tobacco products. Snus This so-called white Snus does not discolor the teeth, unlike tobacco or chewing tobacco - also in favor of discreet consumption.

Velo Snus on the move

Whether the brand name actually derives from the Latin adjective velox - meaning fast, swift - is open to debate. At the very least, however, the brand's success story shows a correspondingly rapid development. Launched by British American Tobacco (BAT) in 2015, Velo was able to position itself on the market quite quickly and is now considered one of the leading brands from Sweden.

Some people may be familiar with the Epok and Lyft brands in connection with the manufacturer BAT. It is worth noting here: The manufacturer decided some time ago to replace these two all-white products with the Velo brand - so what used to promise tobacco-free nicotine enjoyment under the Epok or Lyft brand now comes together in the Velo brand name.

And a development standstill in terms of branding is not in sight - it has been announced that new product names and new designs will be introduced at the beginning of 2024. The new can design in particular is intended to better reflect the taste, making it easier for consumers to make a decision and increasing recognition value in various markets. And all those who already have their taste preferences can rest assured: The contents and flavors are to remain the same.

Here are a few examples of the new product names:

Velo Snus Flavors

Hardly any other brand offers such a variety of flavors as Velo Snus. The flavor spectrum ranges from classic flavors such as menthol, mint or peppermint over fruity gustatory experiences up to unmistakably unique flavorsliaisons. What is impressive is that as colorful as the new can designs and product names are, their consistency with the corresponding flavors is just as impressive. You can literally smell and taste what's inside the cans - as if the synaesthesia was almost imposed.

If you want to discover and taste something new, if you are looking for unique flavor combinations that you might not find in other brands, you will definitely find them here!

Some popular flavors are:

Velo Snus Nicotine content and strength

Are Velo Snus strong? How many mg of nicotine do they have? Which variety is the strongest? Questions like these are asked again and again, and apart from the latter, if there was only one answer, Velo Snus not all bikes would be the same. Variety is part of the brand's recipe for success, so it seems all too consistent to consider a wide range of consumer preferences when it comes to the nicotine content and strength of the nicotine pouches.


If you consider the strength of Velo Snus - primarily referring to its nicotine content - two values are relevant: the nicotine content per gram (mg/g) and the nicotine content per Pouches (mg/pouch). There are different legal limits for the former in different countries. This makes sense for the indication in mg/pouch and explains the market launch of the larger large pouch format with more filling material for Austria, for example. Compared to Sweden, a lower mg/g limit applies there, but the nicotine content in mg/pouch is not capped.

Nicotine content in mg/g and in mg/pouch can now be used as references for the Velo strength, but other factors - such as pH value, moisture of the nicotine pouches, etc. - have an influence on it, what many people mean by strength in second lines and would also like to know, namely: how much nicotine can be absorbed through the oral mucosa, how quickly and for how long, how strong the nicotine flash finally works. And this second sense of strength depends to a certain extent on the nicotine content, but other factors play a decisive role.

This can be confusing. Velo therefore also offers a strength scale in points format, which makes it easier to identify the above and enables a quick, simple comparison of individual nicotine pouches within the entire collection. Important to know: this strength scale is specific to Velo and a comparison with other brands is not readily possible.

With Snus-users, it is interesting to note that once they are used to it, they develop a feeling for the effect of the nicotine flash of the different strength levels of Velo - in relation to the individual tolerance development of the nicotine, of course. The scale can then be used to compare the strength within the entire collection in the second sense mentioned and also explains why many people look for this type of strength and want to use it when choosing nicotine pouches. Because, on the one hand, strength scales in general and, on the other hand, factors such as pH value and humidity vary greatly between different brands, a comparison with these is only possible if you already have the relevant consumption experience.

Is Velo Snus strong?

Taking the above into account, it is now clearer what can be meant by strength. And how the strength scale indicated by Velo on the cans can be interpreted. - But wait, connoisseurs will now object: Surely there isn't just one point scale on the cans, rather there are products that have a scale with four, five or six points. And yes, that's true - but it's not as complicated as it seems.

Because Velo Snus now offers a very wide range of nicotine strengths, and the stronger products in particular - and yes, they are strong - only came onto the market gradually, the original 4-point scale was simply supplemented by others*.

*Anyone who is sceptical here is welcome to check the official Velo website and will see that cans with a printed 4-point scale in the product description are also listed there with 4 points on a 6-point scale.

How many mg nicotine does Velo have Snus?

Available in various nicotine strengths, from 6 mg to 27 mg/g, there is something to suit every enthusiast. Using the strength scale, the exact nicotine content can be determined in addition to the mg/g - taking the pouch format into account; with Velo, these are Slim-, mini- and Large-format - in mg/Pouches must be specified. Here is an orientation table for Snuzone-offer, whereby the bag format and the content quantity for the mg/Pouches are decisive:

Points mg/g mg/pouch
1 6-8  approx. 4 
2 8-9 approx. 6 
3 11-14,3  approx. 9 
4 15,6-16  approx. 11 
5 18-20 approx. 15
Bike 6 20-27 approx. 17 to max. 20



Here are specific examples from our range:

How many mg nicotine does Velo 6 have?

Velo strength 6 is available in different flavors, formats and with different nicotine contents, which range between 20-27 mg nicotine/g and up to 20 mg nicotine per pouch. Pouches are available.

Who now wonders: Which bike Snus is the strongest? Velo 6 is considered the strongest variant in various versions. The one available from us with the most mg/g is Mighty Peppermint Max Slim with a nicotine content of a whopping 27 mg/g and 17 mg/pouch. 20 mg/pouch, for example, has X-Freeze Max - the nicotine flash is much stronger compared to other varieties.

Pouch format

With Velo nicotine pouches, you can choose between three formats, namely Large, Slim & Mini. Once again, the company is fulfilling its agenda of appealing to as many consumer preferences as possible.

The popular slim format has the advantage of keeping consumption discreet and at the same time promises to be comfortable to wear. This applies all the more to the mini format. The extra-slim pouch format is also compact and extremely comfortable to carry.

Because - as mentioned above - the pouch format and the amount of content determine the mg/pouch nicotine content, the nicotine strengths of Velo Mini are also limited and distributed over the lower point range of the Velo strength scale.

Which Velo suits me?

We have dedicated a separate blog post to the topic of how to find the right, best consumption experience for you: How to find the right nicotine pouch and Snus?

We can say that when choosing the right bike for you, pay attention to the Snus in addition to the wide range of flavors, also pay attention to all the information on strength and nicotine content. We recommend strengths 5-6 according to the mentioned scale only for experienced smokers. Snus-consumers.

Can Velo Snus buy a bike in Germany?

Yes, you can buy Velo Snus online at Snuzone and conveniently order to Germany as well as several other countries. Discover our range and choose between various flavors and strengths.

Why Snus buy online? The answer is simple: you can explore a large selection of products at your leisure and buy exactly the ones that suit you at attractive prices. What's more, you always get fresh products straight from the factory.


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