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Loop is a new and innovative brand of nicotine pouches with a unique nicotine technology and distinctive flavors. Loop stands for quality and innovation. Due to numerous and unusual flavors, a wide range of snus lovers is addressed.

The Loop nicotine pouches are tobacco-free Snusmanufactured with our own InstantRush TM technology. It ensures immediate nicotine release while guaranteeing a long-lasting and controlled effect. Complementing this, a range of unique and delicious flavors provides enough variety. Spicy, tart, sweet, sour or frosty fresh, for everyone. Snus lover is the right thing. When using the Loop nicotine pouches you notice the delicious flavor releases, from the first moment - until the end!

Loop is the first snus brand in the world to use environmentally friendly and fully recyclable cans. The so-called PlantCan TM is made of 50% plant fiber and the rest is recycled plastic. Loop is thus taking the first step towards green cans and we hope other manufacturers will follow suit. In addition, Loop's can design is dynamic, so that each individual can is can has a unique pattern.

  • Ideal for: Beginners to regular users
  • Nicotine: 8 mg/g - 20 mg/g
  • Flavors: 5
  • Size: Slim

Extra Strong 15-20 mg/g
Loop Jalapeno Lime
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Extra Strong 15-20 mg/g
Loop Mango Tango
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Medium 7 mg/g
Loop Mango Tango Mini
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Extra Strong 15 mg/g
Loop Red Chili Melon
Medium 7 mg/g
Loop Jalapeno Lime Mini
Medium 7 mg/g
Loop Mint Mania Mini
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Ultra Strong 25 mg/g
Loop Jalapeno Lime Hyper Strong
Ultra Strong 25 mg/g
Loop Habanero Mint Hyper Strong