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Extra Strong Snus (15-20 mg/g)

In our Extra Strong section you will find strong Snus between 15 to 20MG nicotine. The essential feature for Extra Strong Snus is the high nicotine content, therefore these are Nicotine pouches suitable for regular or experienced users.In terms of taste, we have the Snus divided into 3 different categories - Classic (Mint, Menthol), Fruity and Other.

The Extra Strong category is great for users who have already gained experience in dealing with nicotine, such as former smokers or vape users.

Which nicotine content suits me?

The choice of the appropriate nicotine strength is completely subjective and should be made according to your own discretion and preferences. Some Snus users prefer a gentle nicotine consumption, while others prefer a more intense nicotine kick. We therefore recommend trying different nicotine strengths and then making a suitable choice.

However, it should be noted that the nicotine content alone is not decisive. Rather, the perceived strength plays a central role in the evaluation, as other factors such as moisture of the Pouches, size of the Pouches or pH value are important influencing factors. For example Snus Pouches with a higher humidity, the nicotine is released much faster and the effect is noticeable after a few seconds. Dry nicotine bags, on the other hand, release the nicotine and aroma over a much longer period. Also, the bag size is decisive in the selection, because a larger bag shape means more content and more content leads to a stronger nicotine experience.

Note: The nicotine content is always stated in mg/g and not in mg/Pouch.

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