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Baow is a new, innovative brand for tobacco-free nicotine pouches and modern Snus-art, which was launched in Sweden in 2024. Behind the brand is the manufacturer Yoik, which is also known from the brand Helwit brand. 

Advantages of Baow nicotine pouches 

Compared to traditional smoking products and tobacco-containing nicotine pouches, Baow nicotine pouches offer Snus numerous advantages. These Pouches do not contain tobacco, allowing consumers to avoid the potential risks associated with tobacco. Here are some significant benefits:

  • Health benefits: With no combustion process, no harmful smoke ingredients are produced. This reduces the risk of smoke-associated diseases.
  • Discretion and comfort: Baow-Pouches leave no discoloration on the teeth. They can be used discreetly without producing smoke.
  • Ease of useThe Pouches are easy to use and require no preparation or additional accessories. They provide a consistent and controlled nicotine release.

Baow flavors and aromas

The nicotine pouches from Baow are available from us in three different flavors: Ice Mint, Chili Lime and Gin & Tonic.

Baow tobacco-free nicotine pouches strength

The Pouches contain 20 mg/g nicotine, which is Pouches corresponds to a content of 12 mg. Thanks to the specially processed nicotine depot substance Polacrilex, which is also known from nicotine chewing gum, and the moderate moisture content of the Pouches a controlled and even nicotine release can be guaranteed. This results in a pleasant consumption experience, which is also interesting for all those who want to stop smoking.

Yoik's commitment to the environment

Baow is produced in one of Sweden's most climate-friendly factories. The factory in Gransholms Bruk obtains its electricity exclusively from a neighboring hydroelectric power plant, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This sustainable energy source underlines the manufacturer's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a green future.

Extra Strong 20 mg/g
Baow Gin & Tonic
€3,99 €4,55
Extra Strong 20 mg/g
Baow Ice Mint
€3,99 €4,55
Extra Strong 20 mg/g
Baow Chili Lime
€3,99 €4,55

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