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What are Nicotine Pouches and Nicotine Bags?

Nicotine bags have similar to Snus originated in Sweden and is a modern way to consume nicotine. All without smoke, vapor, charging or spitting. Nicotine pouches have a variety of different names such as Nicotine Pouch, All White Snus, Chewing Tobacco or Nicopods. In common parlance, they are most often referred to as. Snus, Snooze or Snous snuff. The main difference is that snus contains tobacco. Nicotine Pouches, on the other hand, are completely tobacco-free and contain pure nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant.

The tobacco-free nicotine pouches bring a whole range of advantages over traditional smoking: Smells and tastes good. Does not stain the teeth. Convenient way to consume nicotine. Less harmful than other smoking and smokeless products. Wide range of nicotine strengths available from 6mg up to 50 mg. Can be used anywhere, anytime, even where smoking is prohibited. The list is long.

But what exactly are the Nicotine Pouches made of? The content of these Pouches always consist of the following ingredients: Fillers (as in food), starch, flavors, water and nicotine.

You want to buy snus with tobacco? Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, we also have to comply with the legal framework and have decided to remove all products with tobacco. However, we have created great alternatives. On you will find a wide selection of different nicotine pouches, snus, snooze and snous from all over the world. We try to offer a suitable mix of different flavors and nicotine strengths, so that everyone can discover the perfect product for themselves. No matter whether weak, ultra strong, fruity or classic mint. With us you will find the right snus!

You are not sure which product suits you? Then try the most popular snus of our customers and get inspired. Here you can find our bestsellers. Also do not forget the popular Velo Snus and Pablo Snus to taste.

Buy snus online

The demand for snus continues to grow. The advantages over traditional smoking and vaporizing outweigh without a doubt. But in the meantime, several brands have established themselves, so the question arises, where to buy snus? On Snuzone you can buy your snus, snooze and nicotine pouches comfortably online and above all safely and get them delivered within a few days. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us, our snus experts will be happy to help you!

Snus, Snous or Snooze?

This is another question we get a lot. Snooze and Snous sounds pretty English and surprisingly the terms are mostly used in Germany. In Sweden, where snus comes from, it's been called that since the beginning:Snus. No matter what you want to call it, in Germany both terms are already naturalized and in use. We also sometimes just call it snous out of habit.