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White Fox Nicotine Bag

White Fox is produced by the manufacturers of Oden's and Siberia snus. The big difference is, these products do not use any tobacco at all. The nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant and added in the further processing. This results in a number of advantages, such as: no discoloration of the teeth, a fresh breath, trouble-free customs clearance and and and.

The White Fox nicotine pouches have a relatively high nicotine content and are therefore recommended to regular users. The strongest variant of the collection is the White Fox Full Charge, as the pouches in the Large format contain more weight and therefore more nicotine per pouch. The entire Fox collection is strongly specialized in different mint flavors and convinces with a unique quality and long-lasting effect. The years of expertise of the producer in the snus market is definitely noticeable, because the unique composition of ingredients, makes this nicotine pouch a quality product. The texture of the pouches is super soft and they are produced with a medium moisture, which provides instant nicotine and flavor release.

  • Suitable for: Experienced
  • Nicotine: 16.5 mg/g
  • Flavors: 5
  • Size: Slim, Large

Extra Strong 16 mg/g
White Fox White Slim
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
White Fox Double Mint
Extra Strong 16.5 mg/g
White Fox Full Charge
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
White Fox Peppered Mint