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White Fox

The GN Tobacco Snus-manufacture is the father of the White Fox brand. Through its commitment to quality and innovation, the company has made a name for itself and is known for its "Siberia" and "Odens" brands. GN Tobacco uses state-of-the-art technologies to Snusproducts of the highest quality and attaches great importance to the selection of high-quality ingredients. With a strong focus on research and development, GN Tobacco is pushing the boundaries of Snus-industry and produces pioneering products such as White Fox.

Nicotine content of White Fox Snus

White Fox, a well-known Snusbrand, has established itself as a pioneer in the world of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. One of the special features of this collection is the nicotine content. White Fox focuses mainly on products with a high nicotine strength from 16 mg/g up to 42 mg/g. The choice of nicotine content allows users to choose their preferred intensity and adjust their nicotine intake to their individual needs.

Insight into the collection

The entire collection currently consists of 4 products, all with a nicotine content of 16.5 mg/g and thus belong to the category "Extra Strong".

White Fox Original:

This variant combines nicotine content and flavor evenly. White Fox Original is ideal for Snus-enthusiasts who are looking for a peaceful yet powerful kick, as it has a medium intensity.

White Fox Double Mint:

A feast for mint lovers! The sweet coolness of mint and the freshness of peppermint are combined in this combination. Perfect for those who crave something new.

White Fox Peppered Mint:

This advanced blend of peppermint and peppery nuances gives the Snus a special spiciness. An intriguing option for those looking for a special kind of taste experience.

White Fox offers a variety of options to suit each user's individual preferences and has established itself as a pioneer in tobacco-free vaping. Snus-world. White Fox sets new standards and remains a trailblazer for discerning consumers. Snus-enthusiasts - from the choice of nicotine content to the variety of flavors.


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