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Welcome to the exclusive Nois Snus collection - the perfect combination of taste and quality! Here at snuzone we have worked hard to create a collection of Snus-products that meet the needs of our customers and offer unparalleled taste. The Nois collection was designed for all Snus-lovers who are looking for high quality products that offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.The Nois Snus and Nicotine Pouches convince with their clean processing and fast nicotine delivery.

The products are manufactured by HRJ in Estonia and enjoy growing popularity. Especially popular is theExteme Cool andIce Cool variant, but these are Snus not suitable for beginners due to the high nicotine strength.

Nois offers a wide range of flavors, ranging from classic tobacco flavors to fruity and refreshing flavors. Our collection is perfect for any occasion, whether you need an energy boost for the day or just want to sit back and relax.


With regard to the processing of the Pouches, you can expect a soft texture, moderate moisture and smooth taste. Thus, the products are perfectly suitable for everyday use.

Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Nois Extreme Cool
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Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Nois Extreme Blueberry
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Nois Extreme Mango
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
Nois Black Currant
Strong 12 mg/g
Nois Mango Mint
Extra Strong 20 mg/g
Nois Spearmint