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Let yourself be surprised by the new Fix collection! The name stands for the "Flavour Index" and promises an extremely intense taste experience. From the very first moment, both the nicotine and the aroma are strongly noticeable and remain constant. Fix Snus is perfect for those who prefer an intense and sweet taste. The brand has been inspired by the popular flavors from the vape world and masterfully transformed them into Snus and nicotine pouches. Flavors are for many SnusFans and the be-all and end-all, so you can look forward to Fix surprising you with more exciting flavors in the future.

Behind the brand is the renowned Swedish manufacturer "Habit Factory", known for its successful brand "Klint". If you are already familiar with Klint-Snus then you can be sure that with Fix you can also expect first-class quality in the Swedish tradition.

How much nicotine does Fix have Snus?

The nicotine pouches of Fix come in different strengths. From 12 mg/g to 16 mg/g nicotine you have the free choice. We have divided them into the categories "Strong" and "Extra Strong", so you can find exactly the right one for you.. Thus, the brand is ideal for regular users. The "Strong" category is also particularly suitable for beginners.


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