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Extreme Strong 21-65MG

In our Extreme Strong section you will find the strongest snus and nicotine pouches we list. From 21 to 65MG nicotine, these products are recommended for experienced and advanced users. There are over 20 different brands and flavors to choose from, so every snus lover can find the right product.

All items in our assortment are exclusively Nicotine Pouches or also called nicotine pouches. They are free of tobacco and bring a lot of advantages with them, compared to traditional snus.

What is the strongest snus?

It should be noted that the nicotine content alone is not decisive for the strength. Other factors such as the moisture of the pouches, the shape, the pH value and the amount of saliva during use are important influencing factors. Therefore, the perceived nicotine strength is the central evaluation factor and not the nicotine content. Due to the interaction of these elements, the Cuba brand is one of the strongest products in the snus market and explicitly suitable for experienced users.

Click here for the Cuba Black collection with 43 mg/g nicotine content: Store Cuba

In terms of flavor, the products are divided into 3 different categories - Classic (Mint, Menthol) , Fruity and Other.

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