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Ultra strong Snus 

In our "Ultra Strong" section you will find the strongest Snus and nicotine pouches that we have in our range. From 21 to 65 mg/g nicotine, these products are recommended for experienced and advanced users. There are over 20 different brands and a wide variety of flavors to choose from, so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Snus-lover can find the right product. 

All items in our range are exclusively all-white Snusalso known as nicotine pouches. They are tobacco-free and have a lot of advantages compared to traditional tobacco pouches.Snus.

What is the strongest Snus?

A decisive factor for the evaluation of the strength of a Snus is the nicotine content, which is given in milligrams per gram. From a nicotine content of 25 mg/g, a Snus as "Ultra Strong" is classified. However, it is just as important to determine the nicotine content per Pouches especially with slim formats where some Pouches weigh less than 1 gram. The nicotine content per Pouches therefore offers a more precise insight into the nicotine strength.

Snus and nicotine pouches in "mini format" contain even less nicotine per Pouches than the popular slim format and are therefore even milder. By far the strongest Snus are often available in the "large format" or "original format". Here the Pouches often weigh 1 gram or more and thus provide a real nicotine explosion.

It is important to note that the nicotine content alone is not decisive for the strength. Other factors such as the humidity of the Pouchesshape, the pH value and the amount of saliva during use play a decisive role. Therefore, the perceived nicotine strength is the key evaluation factor and not just the nicotine content.

Due to the perfect interplay of these elements, the Cuba brand is one of the strongest in the Snus-market and is particularly suitable for experienced users. Also among the strongest Snus are the Pablo and Nois brands. If you are looking for the strongest Snus you will find a list descending by product and nicotine strength:

  1. Cuba Double Fresh - Nicotine content: 43 mg/Pouches
  2. Pablo Frosted Ice - Nicotine content: 30 mg/Pouches
  3. Baron Menthol - Nicotine content: 43 mg/Pouches
  4. Nois Extreme Cool - Nicotine content: 30 mg/Pouches

The strongest Snus-brands in our range are also listed in descending order of nicotine strength:

  1. Cuba and Baron
  2. Pablo Snus
  3. Nois Snus

Other noteworthy Snus in the category Ultra Strong are:

  1. Klint Avalanche Mint - Don't let the nicotine content fool you!

  2. Nois Extreme Cool - Icy mint in combination with a high nicotine content

  3. Grant Extreme Edition - The name says it all

In terms of flavor, the products are divided into 4 different categories - Classic (mint, menthol), Berry, Fruity and Other.

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Ultra Strong 43 mg/g
Cuba Black Cherry
€3,60 €4,50
Nicotine: 16-35 mg/g
Grant Ice Cool
€3,99 €4,55
Ultra Strong 43 mg/g
Cuba Black Line
€3,60 €4,50
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Baron Menthol
€3,60 €4,50
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Cuba Coca Leaf
€3,60 €4,50