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Dope Snus is a young brand on the nicotine pouch market and is manufactured by CBI (Consumer Brands International). The manufacturer has 20 years of experience and they could prove that with their first snus brand "Snatch". In the DOPE collection you can expect 4 exciting flavors in 2 nicotine strengths. Thus, the need for occasional users and professionals among us is covered.

Initially, only Germany was supplied with Dope Snus but soon the demand from other countries increased. You can expect a balanced composition of ingredients, a first-class processing and a pleasant or even intense nicotine kick, depending on the selected nicotine strength. The Dope Snus collection is in terms of nicotine intensity and perceived strength with Killa, Velo or Thunder comparable. The interplay of delicious flavors, high nicotine content and first-class workmanship, creates a quality product for snus lovers.

Dope 50mg

The Dope Freeze #50 also called Dope 50mg is the strongest variation in this collection. With a nicotine content of 50 mg/g, which is equivalent to about 30 mg/.Pouches, this Snus exclusively suitable for the professionals among us. The entire Dope collection is generally designed for more experienced users, as the lowest nicotine content is 16 mg/g.

Nicotine: 16-28.5 mg/g
DOPE Lime Smash Slim
Nicotine: 16-30 mg/g
DOPE Freeze Slim
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
DOPE Ice Mango Slim
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
DOPE Ice Mango#50
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
DOPE Freeze #50
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
DOPE Ice Cool Slim