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Innovation and convenience are two concepts that belong together. With its tobacco-free nicotine pouches, the Glitch brand lives up to this guiding principle and creates a new consumption experience that offers an original alternative to conventional nicotine pouches. forms of consumption such as smoking or vaping.

The high-quality SlimPoucheswhich offer a unique taste experience, have been specially developed for convenient and discreet use. So the Nicotine Pouches from Glitch can be inserted quickly and easily under the upper lip without them being visible during consumption - also in favor of wearing comfort.

Which Glitch Snus flavors are available?

Available in the five flavors "Sweet Mint“, „Frosted Mint“, „Blueberry Ice“, „Cool Ice" and "Frozen Cherry Cola" offers the Glitch Snus- or nicotine pouch collection offers a variety of flavors that promises colorful variety and satisfies diverse needs: from mentholated, refreshing to a sweet, minty note to refreshingly fruity enjoyment. 

How much nicotine does Glitch have Snus?

Although it is a slim format, the tobacco-free nicotine pouches from Glitch are also impressive in terms of strength. All five varieties have a nicotine content of 16 mg/g, which corresponds to Pouches corresponds to a nicotine content of 12.8 mg.

Nicotine flow rate and duration of effect

Another characteristic feature of various Glitch varieties is the relatively fast onset of nicotine, which is achieved by the composition and consistency of the pouch contents. The nicotine effect starts after just a few seconds, quickly reaches its peak and then slowly and evenly subsides (see diagram).

Each nicotine pouch thus offers an invigorating and quickly activating nicotine experience - the strength of the so-called nicotine flash is similar to that of branded products. Killa Snus.

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