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Camo Snus

camo Snus are manufactured in Lithuania by Global Snus under the highest quality standards. The tobacco-free nicotine pouches - 20 Pouches per can - are available in various flavors and promise an intense and strong nicotine experience.

With 50 mg nicotine per gram, the nicotine effect should not be underestimated. We recommend Camo Snus to consumers who already have experience in dealing with stronger Snus have.

What flavors are available from Camo Snus?

The flavor palette ranges from fruity, explosive flavors to minty classics. Whether e.g. Spice Citrus, Green Apple or Wild Mint - there should be something for everyone.

How much nicotine does Camo have Snus?

camo Snus are on snuzone available in a nicotine strength of 50 mg/g. In the popular slim format, this corresponds to a nicotine content of 25 mg per Pouches and an accompanying strong effect.


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