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Simply order your nicotine pouches and Snus online at the best price. As a leading online retailer, we offer an extensive selection of different varieties and brands. Whether mint, fruity, with low or extremely high nicotine content - we have the right one for you. Snus for your preferences. Our range includes exclusively tobacco-free Snus-products, also as All-White Snus or nicotine pouches. You also benefit from short delivery times, free shipping to Germany and Austria from €40 and a Member Club with cash back function. In the Member Club, you can even receive your entire order for free by collecting points. Please note that membership of the Member Club is completely free of charge. free of charge is completely free!

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What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are a modern, tobacco-free alternative for nicotine consumption. Often used as Snus called, the Pouches placed under the upper lip. There, the nicotine and aroma are slowly released and absorbed. Compared to Snus or chewing bags, the nicotine strength of nicotine pouches unfolds much faster - the nicotine can be felt after just a few seconds. The ingredients of the Pouches consist of plant fibers, flavorings, pure nicotine and water - all without tobacco. In our range you will find a diverse selection of nicotine pouches from various brands such as Pablo, Cuba, Velo or Klint. Each brand offers different flavors and strengths so that there is a suitable nicotine pouch for every user.

Is Snus legal to buy online?

The sale of original, tobacco-containing Snus is prohibited throughout the European Union, with the exception of Sweden. Only the sale of tobacco-free tobacco is permitted. Snusalso as nicotine pouches or all-white Snus which contains synthetic nicotine. Our range includes a huge selection of tobacco-free Snus-products so that every user can find the right product.

What is Snus?

Snus is an oral or lozenge tobacco that originated in Sweden. It has been consumed there and in Norway for decades and consists of tobacco, water, salt and humectants. Flavors are added to offer different tastes. In our range you will only find tobacco-free Snus. "Tobacco-free" does not mean "nicotine-free", because the effect is definitely noticeable. Tobacco-free Snus are also commonly referred to as "Snus" in common parlance.

In Sweden Snus is treated as a foodstuff and production is subject to strict regulations. All ingredients must be classified as food grade to be used in Snus be processed. The tobacco is also treated with heat to kill germs and increase its shelf life.

The effect of Snus

Snus is a lozenge or oral tobacco that is placed under the upper lip. As soon as the nicotine is released through the saliva, the ingredients enter the bloodstream via the oral mucosa and finally into the brain. There, dopamine is released, a happiness hormone that creates a positive feeling. The Snus-effect is comparable to that of a cigarette, but has Snus has the advantage that only nicotine is ingested, without the harmful substances produced by burning tobacco, such as tar, which can cause lung cancer.

Please note that our range only contains tobacco-free Snus is available. Instead of tobacco, these contain plant fibers mixed with nicotine salts. The effect is the same as with the real Swedish Snus made from tobacco.

How long does it last Snus?

The effect varies depending on the manufacturer and depends primarily on the humidity in the Pouches in the cigarette. A higher moisture content leads to a faster development of flavor and nicotine. With low humidity, this happens more slowly and evenly over a longer period of time. As a rule, the Pouches can be consumed for between 20 and 40 minutes.

Nicotine content in Snus

The decisive factor in product selection is the nicotine intensity, expressed in milligrams per gram. This determines the classification into categories such as "Light", "Medium", "Strong", "Extra Strong" or "Ultra Strong". The pouch size or format also influences the nicotine content. Slim format nicotine pouches often contain less nicotine per portion. Therefore, in addition to the nicotine content per gram, the nicotine content per Pouches should also be taken into account.

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Nicotine: 16-35 mg/g
Grant Ice Cool
€3,99 €4,55
Ultra Strong 43 mg/g
Cuba Black Line
€3,60 €4,50
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Baron Menthol
€3,60 €4,50
Ultra Strong 50 mg/g
Cuba Coca Leaf
€3,60 €4,50
Ultra Strong 32 mg/g
Bagz Berry Cool
€2,69 €3,99
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
Killa Watermelon
€3,10 €3,60