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Discover our best-selling and most popular nicotine pouches and Snus. Based on the number of cans sold, we have found that certain brands are hugely popular. The best Snus have one thing in common: they taste incredibly good and are characterized by excellent quality. If you're having trouble deciding on a product or are looking for something new, here's an overview of what our customers like to buy. Just try something new - maybe one of our bestsellers will become your new favorite!

Note: All products in our range are exclusively tobacco-free. Snusalso known as nicotine pouches or All-White Snus. They are tobacco-free, but not nicotine-free. Many customers in Germany and Austria also like to refer to the products as "snooze". No matter whether you like it Snus or snooze you'll find what you're looking for here. 

What is the best Snus?

The question of the best Snus cannot be answered in general terms, as the preferences of the Snus-lovers vary greatly. Some users love the moisture in the Snuswhile others prefer dry Pouches prefer dry. There are also considerable differences in terms of the desired nicotine strength. Some prefer a gentle nicotine hit, others crave a real nicotine explosion. Here you will find the most popular and best Snus in the eyes of our customers. No matter whether Ultra Strong or Extra Strongmint or fruity - our customers love the many different types of nicotine pouches:

Best Snus brand

The best Snus-brands by number of cans sold and customer ratings are:

Best Snus Ultra Strong

The most popular "Ultra Strong" Snus are characterized by a delicious taste and an extremely intense nicotine kick. Based on customer reviews and the number of cans sold, here are the best ultra strong Snus:

Best Snus for beginners

Suitable for beginners and newcomers Snus up to a nicotine strength of 10 mg/g. The following brands are particularly popular as they meet the increasing demands of our customers:

Best "Extra Strong" Snus

Nicotine: 16-35 mg/g
Grant Ice Cool
€3,99 €4,55
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
Killa Watermelon
€3,10 €3,60
Sold Out
Extra Strong 20 mg/g
€4,49 €4,99
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
Cuba White Line
€3,60 €4,50
Sold Out
Extra Strong 16 mg/g
ACE Cool Mint
€4,49 €4,99
Medium 6 mg/g
ACE Berry Breeze Low
€4,49 €4,99

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