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KLINT Snus is the premium, tobacco-free nicotine portion for the elegant lifestyle, offering you the comfort of a fresh nicotine hit wherever you are and whenever you want. And all without the negative effects of tobacco. Simply choose one of the fresh flavors below that best suits your taste, pop it under your lip and get on with your day.

The nicotine pouches and Snus from Klint are designed for enjoyable consumption, which is also reflected in the processing of the Pouches reflected in the workmanship. Super-soft pouches, a delicious aroma and a pleasant nicotine strength with a long-lasting effect.

How strong is Klint Snus?

The Snus from Klint are available in various nicotine strengths from 6 mg/g to 20 mg/g. Depending on the desired strength, you can choose the right product for you. For the experienced Snus lovers among us, we recommend the Klint X-Strong collection. It has 20 mg/g nicotine in slim format. However, you shouldn't be fooled by the nicotine content! Due to the carefully considered and selected composition of the recipe, the Klint Snus much more intense than is assumed.

Klint is manufactured in Sweden, the home of the popular Snus and chewing tobacco. 

Which Klint Snus is the best?

That depends entirely on what type of nicotine pouches you prefer. Klint covers a wide range of characteristics, such as fruity Snus with low nicotine content or minty Pouches with an extremely high nicotine content. Our favorites are clearly the following:

  1. Klint Avalanche Mint - Ultra Strongmint
  2. Klint Freeze Mint - Extra Strong, mint
  3. Klint Apple Mint - Extra StrongApple flavor

Other brands from the manufacturer

Behind the 'Klint' brand is the renowned manufacturer Habit Factory, based in Sweden. With production facilities in Sweden and Finland and its own flavor laboratories, the company offers first-class products of the highest quality and with special attention to detail. In addition to the 'Klint' brand, Habit Factory also produces the 'Fix' and 'Noto'. The brand 'Fix' brand is geared towards fruity, intense enjoyment and offers a variety of flavors such as 'Fix Blueberry' or 'Fix Cherry Blossom'. The 'Noto' brand, on the other hand, presents itself as a small specialty, where unmistakable aroma meets smooth taste. One example of this is the flavor 'Noto Pimenton' with allspice, green mango, orange and herbs.


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