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Earn Pouch Points with every order

Create a free account and earn Pouch Points with every order, which you can exchange for vouchers or products. For every €1 spent, 100 Pouch Points will be added to your account.

There are many more ways to earn free points, see for yourself.

Starting at 2000 Pouch Points, you can redeem them anytime and they never expire! They can also be accumulated over time, so you can pay for your entire order with Pouch Points.


Become a member

250 points

Share us on facebook

1.500 points

Like us on Facebook

100 points

Follow us on Instagram

100 points

Place 5 orders

5,000 points


Per €1 spent

100 points

Recommend a friend

10.000 points

Your friend gets
*minimum order value 60€


Freunde einladen lohnt sich


1 friend

Earn 10,000 Pouch Points
worth €5


2 Friends

Earn 20,000 Pouch Points
worth €10


4 Friends

Earn 40,000 Pouch Points
worth €20


8 Friends

Earn 80,000 Pouch Points
worth €40

Jeder eingeladene Freund erhält einen €10 Gutscheine auf die erste Bestellung - Mindestbestellwert €60.


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