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Iceberg Snus, or also called Iceberg Nicopods, are incredibly delicious nicotine pouches in many different flavors. From cola to watermelon, via bubble gum and grape, there is a suitable product for every snus lover. The brand enjoys enormous popularity due to the variety of flavors and high nicotine strength. The Iceberg Snus offer a balanced profile of moisture and pH value, so that nicotine and flavor is released evenly. The nicotine pouches can be consumed for up to 30 minutes on average.

How much nicotine has Iceberg Snus?

The products are offered in two nicotine strengths, each with 50 mg/g and 20 mg/g. For experienced users, the 50 mg/g variant is suitable and for those who prefer a gentler nicotine experience, the weaker option. The products are tobacco free and consist of: Plant fibers, starch, flavorings, water and nicotine salt. In this process, the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant and in the further processing process it is added to the Pouches artificially added. For tobacco free Snus however, some caution is advised, because due to the ingredients, the nicotine is released much faster and usually reaches the highest nicotine concentration within a few seconds.

There are 16 delicious and fancy flavors of Iceberg to choose from Snus. Thereby each contains can 20 nicotine pouches in the popular Slim format.

The most popular products are:

  1. Iceberg Strawberry Mango
  2. Iceberg Arasaka
  3. Iceberg Watermelon Mint


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