What is snus and snous?

What is snus and snous - Everything you need to know about the trendy tobacco from Scandinavia.

Snus is the new smoking. What has long been a tradition in Scandinavia, is now spreading rapidly in other European countries. Here you can find out what snus is all about. We explain how snus is produced, what the advantages of snus consumption are compared to cigarettes, and what you should look out for if you want to buy snus in Austria or another EU country.

What is snus and what is it made of?

Snus is an oral or sucking tobacco that originated in Sweden and has been consumed mainly there and in Norway for decades. Snus consists of tobacco, water, salt and humectants. Flavors are then added to these "basic ingredients" so that consumers can choose any flavor they like.

In Sweden, snus is treated as a foodstuff and production there is therefore subject to very strict regulations. All ingredients must also be classified as food grade in order to be processed into snus. In addition, the tobacco is treated with heat to kill germs and make it last longer.

How to use snus?

Originally, snus was a small, loose portion of tobacco placed under the tongue and then sucked. In the meantime, however, the more popular method is to resort to so-called pouches (sachets).

A portion of snus is packed in a small paper pouch, which is placed between the mucous membrane of the mouth and the upper lip. This sucking variant has the advantage that you no longer have to portion yourself and no tobacco spills.

The pouches are available in different sizes, so you are not limited in portioning. Comes the Pouches comes into contact with the oral mucosa and becomes moist, it releases its flavor and nicotine after just a few seconds.

First-time users will notice a burning sensation at the contact points in the mouth during the first consumption. However, this burning sensation quickly subsides with further consumption and is not permanent. The tobacco or pouches can be kept in the mouth for any length of time. Usually between 15 and 60 minutes.

The tobacco or pouches are disposed of in household waste. It is also possible to remove a pouch from the mouth prematurely and store it in a snus-can for later use.

What are the advantages of snus?

Snus comes not only in numerous different flavors, but also in various nicotine strengths - just like (e)cigarettes. However, unlike cigarettes, the tobacco is not lit (or heated in the case of e-cigarettes). This has the further advantage that nicotine can be consumed even in places where smoking or vaporizing is prohibited. Ideal, therefore, when sitting in the office, on the plane or simply at home on the sofa.

You also do something good for your fellow human beings: you don't smell of smoke and the consumption of snus is also odorless. Since the packets are available in different sizes, discreet consumption is also possible. So it is not noticeable when you have a small portion of snus in your mouth, and you always have both hands free.

Snus ban in Europe

While snus is available over-the-counter as a food product in Sweden, its sale is banned in the other countries of the EU. It is important to note here that only the sale is prohibited, but not the consumption. Swedish snus can thus be legally imported into an EU country by a private individual, as long as the imported quantity is not classified as commercial by customs.

However, ordering snus from a Swedish online store is not possible if you want it delivered to an address in the EU. However, this is not a reason to avoid snus, because there is now also tobacco-free snus that can be purchased legally in all EU countries.

New tobacco-free snus variants: Allowed in Europe

The "real" snus from Sweden contains tobacco, which is why it is banned in the rest of the EU. To get around this ban, manufacturers have come up with something special: a tobacco-free snus variant. Instead of tobacco, plant fibers are processed and mixed with water, humectants and flavorings. The nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants and added in the form of nicotine salts. This creates a completely tobacco-free form of snus.

To distinguish this variant from "real" snus, the tobacco-free form is also referred to as nicotine pouches, nicopods, all-white snus or chewing tobacco. In colloquial language, however, the tobacco-free variants are also often referred to as snus for the sake of simplicity.

Nicotine pouches have exactly the same advantages as the real snus. Due to the snus ban in the EU, these pouches are becoming increasingly popular, which is why you now have a wide choice of flavors and nicotine strengths.

Are nicotine pouches and snus more harmful than cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes is more harmful than consuming snus or nicotine pouches. The reason for this is that when you smoke, the tobacco is lit and all of the ingredients in a cigarette enter your lungs; one of the most harmful of these is tar, which gums up lung tissue and can cause lung cancer.

In contrast, when tobacco snus and nicotine pouches are consumed, only nicotine is released and absorbed by the body. Instead of a large abundance of harmful substances as in cigarette consumption, only one harmful substance is absorbed when snus is consumed.

The risk of disease is thus lower than with smoking. This fact is also supported by statistics. In Sweden, there are more snus consumers than smokers, because snus consumption has a long tradition there. Only 7 percent of Swedes regularly consume cigarettes; in Germany, the figure is 24.5 percent. It is therefore not surprising that in Sweden the number of lung cancer cases is significantly lower in than in Germany and many other EU countries.

Snus or nicotine pouches are therefore also very suitable for risk reduction. For those who want to quit smoking, for example, switching to snus is a less harmful alternative without the body having to give up nicotine.

Buying good snus - what to look for?

Nicotine content

The most important selection criterion for snus or nicotine pouches is the nicotine content. This is indicated on the cans or packaging. The nicotine content of pouches refers to the content per pouch. The size of the pouches also plays a role: the larger, the more content and the more nicotine can be contained per portion. Who therefore buy good snus who wants to buy good snus, should inform himself carefully.

Especially first-time users should be careful to choose a variety with a lower nicotine content, because a very high content can sometimes lead to headaches and dizziness during the first consumption.

The following table can help you with the classification:


Nicotine content

Suitable for


1mg - 5mg



6mg - 9mg



10mg - 14mg


Extra Strong

15mg - 20mg


Extreme Strong

21mg - 100mg



Snus and Nicotine Pouches are available in different moisture levels. For example, if the content in a pouch is already moistened, the nicotine is released faster and the taste experience is more intense.

Nicotine Pouches, where the contents are not already moist in the Pouches (so-called All White Snus), only becomes moist on contact with the oral mucosa). Here, the nicotine and the taste are released more slowly.

Bag size

Depending on how big a portion you want to consume, you also have the choice between different pouch sizes and formats. This depends on your personal preferences. Small sizes are suitable for discreet snus consumption, as small pouches are not noticeable behind the upper lip.


The flavor is - who would have thought it - a matter of taste. If you want to buy good snus, it is best to order from a retailer that offers a large assortment, such as we do at Snuzone. You can find here numerous flavors, even from well-known manufacturers such as Velo. Snus flavors you can try at will and alternate depending on the occasion: a fruity flavor for chilling, a classic tobacco flavor for tobacco lovers, or mint flavor for a fresh breath.