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Siberia All White Snus

The Siberia brand has now become a popular brand in the Snus market and enjoys great popularity due to the high nicotine strength. The well-known Snus is now available as a tobacco-free variant under the name Siberia All White Snus and gives us again a successful product with an extremely high nicotine intensity. The taste is described as a combination of peppermint, mint and herbal extracts, which provides both a fresh breath, as well as tingling and burning under the upper lip.

There are 3 versions to choose from that differ in pouch size: Original (Large), Slim and Superslim for even more discretion. The Original variant contains due to the bag size significantly more nicotine per Pouchesthan the Slim and Superslim variants and should be consumed exclusively by professionals among us.

How much nicotine has Siberia Snus?

The tobacco-free Siberia variant is available with a nicotine content of 33 mg/g nicotine and in different nicotine intensity, depending on the selected pouch size. Thereby, the nicotine supply of the original variant is the highest due to the pouch size. However, it should be noted that the nicotine in the tobacco-free version is released faster and is clearly noticeable after a few seconds.

Recommended Siberia products are:

Slim variant - Slim Pouches

Super Slim Variant - Extremely slim Pouches

Original Variant - Very large Pouches With high nicotine content

Ultra Strong 33 mg/g
Siberia All White Slim
Ultra Strong 33 mg/g
Siberia All White Superslim
Ultra Strong 33 mg/g
Siberia All White Original