Black Blueberry

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  • 20 nicotine bags
  • Sweet blueberry flavor
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Regular price €4,50 Sale price €3,99
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This Cuba product is available in intense and juicy blueberry flavor and is produced by Nikotabako. A special feature of the entire Cuba Black collection are the black colored pouches, which attract some curious looks. Do not worry, the teeth are not discolored in the process and always remain clean.

How much nicotine does Cuba Black contain?

All products in the Cuba Black collection have a whopping 43 mg/g of nicotine. Together with the included moisture, pouch shape and pH value, this snus offers a nicotine explosion. Especially suitable and popular are the Nicotine Pouches for experienced users.

It should be noted that the nicotine content alone is not decisive for the strength. Other factors such as the moisture of the pouches, the shape, the pH value and the amount of saliva during use are important influencing factors. Therefore, the perceived nicotine strength is the central evaluation factor and not the nicotine content.

Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches in the larger Slim format.

  • Smells and tastes good
  • Does not stain the teeth
  • Trouble free customs clearance
  • Convenient way to consume nicotine
  • Less harmful than other smoking and smokeless products
  • Different nicotine strengths available from 6mg up to 100 mg
  • Can be used anywhere and anytime, even where smoking is prohibited
  • Does not require users to spit out.
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