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Bad Mojo

Bad Mojo Snus are tobacco-free nicotine pouches that provide a smoke-free, intense nicotine experience experience. The can design and the name suggest a certain reference to the adventure video game of the same name, "Bad Mojo". And all those who remember this game from their childhood will at least make associations with the devilishly good nicotine experience of Bad Mojo Nicotine Pouches - damn strong and diabolical in the finish!

Made in the popular slim format, the nicotine pouches - quickly and easily inserted under the upper lip - promise the usual comfort and discreet consumption. 

Which flavorflavors do Bad Mojo Nicotine Pouches have?

The flavor palette ranges from classic icy menthol-mint flavors to fruity explosive tastes. As mysterious and enchanted as the flavors are Shining Redrum, Forbidden Fruit, Frozen Forest or Arctic Evil sound, their taste is so clear and intense.

Immerse yourself in a tobacco-free, damn good taste experience with the Bad Mojo collection that invigorates the senses and the mind. 

How much nicotine does Bad Mojo have?

The nicotine content of Bad Mojo Nicotine Pouches ranges from 20 mg/g to 50 mg/g. We only recommend the latter for experienced users. And in the case of Artic Evil, it is not just the high nicotine content that provides a kick that is second to none - the icy, menthol-minty taste finish intensifies the experience noticeably.

Bad Mojo nicotine pouches also impress with a relatively high flow rate and a stable and constant nicotine release. The nicotine flash comes quickly and remains constant - similar to products from the brand Pablo.

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