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Thunder Snus has its origin in Sweden, is manufactured by the producer V2 Tobacco and has become known especially for its tobacco products. In Germany and Austria, Thunder Snus is already a very popular brand and convinces with an intense nicotine kick and long-lasting snus experience. Also noteworthy is the structure and texture of the Pouches. These consist namely of eucalyptus fibers and thus provide a soft feeling under the upper lip and long-lasting snus experience.

How many mg of nicotine has Thunder Snus?

The nicotine content of the All White collection ranges from 9 mg/g to 16 mg/g. However, you should not be fooled by the nicotine rating, because the products are much more intense than suspected due to the perfectly matched ingredients. Therefore, we recommend the Thunder Snus exclusively to experienced users.

Thunder flavor

Available are the nicotine pouches in various flavors such as citrus, menthol, mint and wild berries. Especially popular are the varieties Thunder Frosted in menthol & eucalyptus flavor, as well as Thunder Dark Frost in berry & menthol flavor.


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