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The Snus-Stripe collection is a reference to the creative and artistic process of the graffiti scene. The front of the can is easy to peel off and can be pinned anywhere to leave an annotation.

The Snus are available in two nicotine strengths, with 40 mg/g (20mg/Pouches) and 20 mg/g (10 mg/Pouches). They are suitable for users who want a smooth and constant increasing nicotine and flavor release. Regarding the moisture, a balance has been found that ensures a long-lasting Snus-experience. Thus, the nicotine pouches can be consumed for up to 30 minutes.

There are a total of 10 popular flavors to choose from: Mint, Grape, Orange-Vanilla, Strawberry-Melon-Ice Cream and more.

Manufactured Stripe Snus by the producer Fedrs, which is already known for its eponymous brand "Fedrs" and is particularly popular for excellent quality.

In a can are 20 nicotine pouches in slim format.

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