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To create a conscious and risk-reduced nicotine consumption at unbeatable prices without loss of quality, the manufacturer positions itself as a real price hunter on the market. You can expect a successful product quality at the best prices. Currently 6 products are available, but new and exciting flavors are already planned.

Due to the high moisture content of the snus pouch, nicotine and flavor are released immediately and are immediately noticeable. In terms of nicotine strength, Nicos is in the category "Extra Strong". The nicotine content here is 16 mg/g. However, the X-Mint version has a nicotine concentration of 35 mg/g and is classified as "Ultra Strong" classified.

Currently, the following flavors are available: watermelon, raspberry, cola, strawberry and classic mint. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches in slim format.


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