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Kurwa-Vape (e shisha)

The Kurwa-Vape in cooperation with the manufacturer Reymont, is the latest invention in the vape segment. The products carry in common parlance various names such as e shisha, vape stick or disposable vape. The key advantage is that no batteries need to be recharged or liquids need to be changed. In addition, the e shisha leaves no combustion residue and provides an intense shisha experience due to the strong vapor formation. Everything happens automatically. Unpack and steam.

The cooperation with the producer Reymont is a big step for Kurwa, because the manufacturer stands for excellent quality and attaches enormous importance to safety and taste. Therefore, all products are tested and CE certified. There are over 15 different flavors to choose from, with 20mg/ml nicotine. The 2ml liquid in the e shisha is enough for a whopping 688 Puffs and guarantees an exceptional vapor experience!

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