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E Shisha

E Sishas are the latest invention in the vape segment, because the key advantage is that no liquids can be changed and the vape sticks can be used immediately. In addition, no settings need to be made on the device and everything happens automatically. Unpack and vaporize. Therefore, the e shishas also have many names such as e shisha stick, e shisha disposable, e shisha to go or even e cigarette. With us you will find a wide selection of different brands and flavors. Whether watermelon, blueberry or strawberry, with us you will find your favorite flavor and the right e shisha to steam. The products and manufacturers differ from each other in three aspects, namely nicotine strength, number of puffs per device and flavor. You can find all the details in the product descriptions of the respective articles.

Is e-shisha the same as an e-cigarette?

Both variants work in the same way. They are devices in which liquid is heated, vaporized and then inhaled. With e-cigarettes, however, a button must be pressed, with e-shisha this works automatically and is activated by drawing.

Is E Shisha more dangerous than a cigarette?

With a cigarette, tar, which is produced when tobacco is burned, is extremely dangerous. The E Shisha, on the other hand, does not burn anything, here the liquid is vaporized. In this process, there is no combustion residue and the sticking of the lungs is avoided. Thus, it is believed that e shishas are less harmful than cigarettes and also normal shishas.

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