Questions and answers about Snus and Nicotine Pouches

Questions and answers about snus and nicotine pouches

As a retailer, we often receive questions about snus and nicotine pouches. Most of these questions are:

What is the best snus?
What is the best snus to buy?
Which snus tastes best?
What is the strongest snus?


We would like to answer these frequently asked questions step by step and provide you with the answers.

What is the best snus?

The question of the best snus depends on several factors, such as: taste, nicotine strength and size. The most popular and best-selling snus in Europe are:

  1. Pablo Ice Cold
  2. Velo X-Freeze
  3. Kurwa Blueberry
  4. Loop Mint Mania
  5. Fedrs Evilberry
  6. White Fox Slim
  7. Skruf Fresh #4
  8. Velo Ice Cool


Which snus is best to buy?

You can find the right snus in two steps.

  1. Choose the right nicotine strength
  2. The desired flavor

The first step is to find the right nicotine strength. We divide the snus strengths into five different levels.

  • Light 1-5MG
  • Medium 6-9 MG
  • Strong 10-14 MG
  • Extra Strong 15-20MG
  • Extreme Strong 21-100MG

For beginners without experience with nicotine, the level Light and Medium is suitable, so a nicotine strength up to a maximum of 9 MG nicotine.

You already have experience with nicotine for example by smoking or vape? Then we recommend the strength Medium and Strong. For smokers who use strong cigarettes, the Strong category is recommended.

For regular users, the Strong and Extra Strong level are suitable. A nicotine strength up to 20 MG of nicotine.

The last and strongest level "Extreme Strong" is recommended only for professionals who have already gained many years of experience with nicotine. Here, however, caution is advised and expressly not suitable for beginners!

In the last step, you select your desired flavor.

Which snus tastes best?

All White snus and nicotine pouches are available in countless flavors. Taste is a personal assessment. The most popular, best-selling and therefore snus with the best taste are:

  1. Loop Jalapenjo Lime
  2. Velo X-Freeze
  3. White Fox Full Charge
  4. 77 Nicotine Pouches Apple & Mint

What is the strongest snus?

It is important to note that it is not only the nicotine content of the snus that matters. Other factors play an important role. The decisive factor in the assessment is the perceived strength and not the nicotine content. The moisture of the pouches, the taste, the shape and the pH value are important influencing factors. The amount of saliva in the mouth during snorting is also a central component of the perceived strength.

Basically, the moister a snus is, the more nicotine is absorbed by the body during snorting. Thus, a moist snus with less nicotine content is stronger than a drier snus with more nicotine content.

Our list of the strongest All White Snus and Nicotine Pouches:

  1. Kurwa Snus 80 mg/g nicotine
  2. Cuba Black Line 43 mg/g nicotine
  3. Pablo Ice Cold 30 mg/g nicotine
  4. Fedrs 65/g mg nicotine
  5. Grant snus 50/g mg nicotine
  6. Grain 50 mg/g nicotine
  7. Loop Mint Mania 20/g mg nicotine

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